Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 things you post on Facebook and nobody looks

Despite all the competition has turned out the way, the hundreds of updates to its interface and criticism about its online privacy policy, Facebook is still the most used social network on the planet.
And since so many people work with it, you may find certain designs of behavior when “update status”.

Here we note the updates that you simply write and that no a single, but no one else interested. Yes, those postings that when you see them in the timeline makes you need to write to Mark Zuckerberg wondering him to please put a “Unlike” or “Dislike” button to quit the inappropriate behavior of your own friend.

. 1 – You are generally the”Forrest Gump” of Facebook

So you love to run? And more over you then have a smartphone with apps that file your travels and immediately submit them on Facebook? Good for you personally, but it’s really annoying for being sitting down to eat a delicious lunch and see that you “just completed a run of 10 km” along with your app sports. The first time is okay for all to say “oh, finally begun to sport the big sucker, ” but every single day is a little annoying.

. 2 – Being the main “conspiracy” that end with Facebook or myspace

You no longer believe within the Easter Bunny, right? Ah, but you still think in which Hotmail will charge you if you do not forward a message to your friends account. And also feel that if you post on Facebook that a information is yours the FBI will not likely interfere in your business. Good. None of that will take place, so please, copy this on your wall and share it to maintain more virtual friends.

. 3 – Comment photos of your respective friends from thousand years before

There is nothing strange as well as produce more fear to enter your Facebook updates and see that a friend commented on a photo of yours from a 36 months ago? You can only think what the results are? Been two hours looking at all my photos? What is the thought? And just discussed the most detrimental, to remind you that your own past was horrible, just if you were getting forgotten.

4 – The particular fan of contests and drawings

Make memory and think the number of times you’ve won something within a contest or sweepstakes. Too number of, right? Therefore, please stop posting on Facebook which can be participating to win a load up of organic oils, or a grill brimming with sausages to your friends. It’s just advertising for the brand and will also be posting a daily competition is basically annoying. Now if the bar-b-que is won, finally have the particular decency to invite the beef roasts.
. 5 – you’re ‘super good’ to drink and have hungover

Life is hard, sure. But if you happen to look at to the water in the vase on a reel, you turned off TV and have no clue how to wake up in your bed, why the first thing you post on Facebook the next day is “ooh. ‘m Hungover “Nobody forced one to drink and finally is it Facebook the area to post the dramas you've with alcohol? No, thank an individual.

. 6 – you just complete an amount in Candy Crush

If you already annoying that more than half of your updates on Facebook or myspace are “Your friend has asked you a life in Candy Crush” gets worse to review the timeline and see that “your friend has completed an amount in Candy Crush” or “your friend has put together two candy stripes. ”Wow! Yourself is really exciting and worth sharing. Please disable notifications of Candy Crush on the wall of Facebook.

7 – Save the entire world with a “Like”

What very good. Have a strong social conscience as well as the environment is your friend. But trust me if you put an image of a panda in distress and post “If you need to save the panda like the particular photo and share it along with your friends” will not save the particular panda. what will be redeemed are going to be your conscience, because you think this increases a moral quality and especially with friends that will say “what commitment to the surroundings. ” Bullshit, no one thinks that so please tend not to continue with this desktop activism. Oh, and incidentally the pandas tend not to even know you posted in which.

. 8 – The perfect couples who love for hours on end

Is nice love? Yes, it’s pleasant. And it’s even nicer than your mates are happy with the few. But read all day “love you so much my boyfriend” or “counting the hours for being with you, ” produces many discomfort, especially those who still stay in the club single. Do not they have got what’s app or text messages to mention their love privately? Believe me just change your own status to “in a relationship” enough to know you then have a girlfriend and you love her a lot. That is more than sufficient.

9 -. Fights with enemies that only you recognize who they are

In life most of us have felt bad because someone performed something bad. this is if you call to mom or your better friend to vent. But Facebook just isn't the place and less if the status says”I was angry to those who write articles believing they know all of it. ” Why so much hate shooting in the flock? Is not it better to express to the person directly the reason for your discomfort. Also, if someone comment such facebook status saying “what happened” an individual respond “no, no …”. That’s a whole lot worse. Remember that if you shared something on Facebook your friends will see it. Understand what wish comments, the thing is a snap: do not write status messages!

10 -. you like that everyone knows your location

Right. Foursquare postings that say your location all the time, annoying, tell me that is so important to say that you get to work? And after you’re invest the subway station? And then you’re at home? And then in the sq .? And then in a pub? And then back at property? And the next day back at the job? Personally I think you should share the location if you’re in a genuinely awesome place, for example, the particular Eiffel Tower, because that your friends realize they’re traveling the entire world while we are reading boring Facebook updates from your boring locations.

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